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Mike Janke
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Weezer - Mexican Fender - YouTube
Crosswalk the Musical: Hair w/ Lin-Manuel Miranda - YouTube
David Letterman and Howard Stern Together Again: All the Highlights From Today’s Interview | Howard Stern
How far you can get from downtown in rush hour traffic - Washington Post
Jimmy Kimmel's Plan to Save Us from Trump - YouTube
Amber's Late Night Safe Space - YouTube
Game of Jones: Leslie Jones and Seth Return to Watch Game of Thrones - YouTube
Seth Explains Teen Slang: Scaramucci, Super Mario - YouTube
The Gift of Ichiro – Joe Blogs – Medium
Pups Try Out Amazon’s Audiobooks For Dogs - YouTube
“Driverless van” is just a VT researcher in a really good driver’s seat costume | Ars Technica
Phillies to celebrate Players Weekend | MLB.com
David Letterman Returning to TV With Netflix Talk Show | Hollywood Reporter
Joseph Redmon: How computers learn to recognize objects instantly | TED Talk
Lakewood Will Change Their Name To The Jersey Shore Pork Rolls For One Game | Uni Watch