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Artist transforms travel photos with paper cutouts - CNN.com
NFL ditches Roman numerals for Super Bowl 50 - Sep. 10, 2015
DaveR, Sep 10 2015 4:53pm
It would have been a PR nightmare for "Superbowl L" to have been bigger than "Superbowl XL."
Mike Janke, Sep 10 2015 5:54pm
It would keep shrinking down to M.
Internet tackles unflattering Tom Brady courtroom art - CNN.com
Video: Pregnant Woman Lost In National Forest Gives Birth, Fights Placenta-Seeking 'Meat Bees,' Starts Forest Fire, Is Rescued: SFist
Confederate flag stripped from 'Dukes' toys, but still flies on TV show - Jun. 23, 2015
Where the members of the USWNT played college soccer
DaveR, Jun 9 2015 4:08pm
Where did SHE go to school, soccer edition...
Crews battle fire at Starbucks | Local News - Home
1st Team All Big Ten Defensive Lineman Tackles Tree to the Ground - YouTube
Mike Janke, May 23 2015 4:20pm
I wonder who posted that? Is a question I did not have to ask or even look to see.
DaveR, May 23 2015 4:32pm
Am I that predictable? 
DaveR, Apr 16 2015 11:56am
I think it is impossible to see this headline and NOT watch the video.  
Officer Earl - YouTube
DaveR, Apr 5 2015 4:08pm
Kids were watching this movie today when I came across this gem.  Love the use of "Tom fool" and "shenaniganizer."
A-Trak - Page - Interview Magazine
'Swimming with Jets,' a stunning photo series - GrindTV.com
The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things | Co.Exist | ideas + impact
Your First Choice is Rarely the Optimal Choice: 5 Lessons on Being Wrong | James Clear
The lasko wind machine self-destructs! - YouTube
DaveR, Mar 6 2015 10:55pm
This is the best fan-related video I have seen all week.