Free Ads?!? - We're just getting started on advertising on LinkyWink, so we want to use actual ads to figure things out.

Ads will appear on web (including mobile), email (recaps and notifications), and in a future update inside LinkyWink mobile apps.

Steps to signup and apply for a free ad:
1. Create an ad - Our ad creator will let you configure your ad and see how it looks before submitting.
2. Contact us and let us know you've submitted an ad, be sure to include some details about your submission so we can find it.
3. Be an active LinkyWink user. The only way to increase your chances of being selected is to use the site.
4. If you are selected, we will email you. While we are testing, we may change the number of ads and rotate some out and add new ones.
Note: Typical details that ads must be suitable for all audiences and selection will be mostly random but active users have better odds.

Any other questions? Contact Us